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We follow a proven methodology to ensure that your business needs are translated into a cost effective investment on the Internet. We combine your business and industry knowledge and experience with our expertise in information technology.
Whether we built your site or someone else did, we will take care of your site and make the needed changes in a timely manner. We won't force you into any maintenance contracts or any minimum monthly payments. You only pay if and when you need the changes.
If it is important for you to attract new prospects, we can bring enhanced visibility to your web site on the Internet. We have special expertise for optimizing the web site based on carefully selected key words, so that all prominent Search Engines will list your site favorably. We keep up-to-date with the tricks-of-the-trade, so that you don't have to.
If you want to retain the overall management of your web site and your Internet presence but need help with some aspect, we might be able to help. Click here to see how we might be able to employ the right talents towards your project.
Our Mission

We help successful businesses become even more successful by maintaining and enhancing their existing web sites; hosting their web sites; handling their Search Engine Advertising budget as well as long term organic search engine optimization of their web sites.

We make high end web site services affordable to our clients by employing a highly responsive and experienced technical team offshore.

    Web site design and development

The approach outlined below applies to design and development of a new web site. We have used this approach with companies of different sizes and within different industries. This approach relies on your knowledge of your business and your industry and our technical and creative expertise. We are experts in the development of web sites - from simple but effective "brochure sites" to technically complex online applications linked to your in-house systems. We ensure that your site reinforces your corporate identity and complements your traditional marketing efforts. We use industry standard platforms to build, maintain, host and promote your presence on the Internet.
In cases where the client has already done some of the definition work, we can skip steps and go direct to the implementation phase.
We begin with an analysis of your current business, including your customer base, marketing plans and growth opportunities. We help you define your goals as they relate to the use of Internet and then you in developing an Internet strategy to meet these goals. During this stage, we define the scope and general framework for the web site project and are also able to establish a cost estimate.
After your approval, we continue to work with you and your staff and put together detailed specifications. Depending on the project size, we may break it into phases of implementation. We build or enhance your web site according to your specific needs and your budget, as opposed to a "template approach". We decide on the technical platform needed to support your current and future needs. Our experience and knowledge enables us to recommend a solution that will give you the greatest bang for your buck. Usually, we have checkpoints to review our work with you during the development process to avoid any last minute surprises.
Search Engine Optimization of the web site is done during the final testing phase prior to implementation.
Our methodology works within all industries. It is designed to help you become an industry leader in your own specific industry

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