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We follow a proven methodology to ensure that your business needs are translated into a cost effective investment on the Internet. We combine your business and industry knowledge and experience with our expertise in information technology.
Whether we built your site or someone else did, we will take care of your site and make the needed changes in a timely manner. We won't force you into any maintenance contracts or any minimum monthly payments. You only pay if and when you need the changes.
If it is important for you to attract new prospects, we can bring enhanced visibility to your web site on the Internet. We have special expertise for optimizing the web site based on carefully selected key words, so that all prominent Search Engines will list your site favorably. We keep up-to-date with the tricks-of-the-trade, so that you don't have to.
If you want to retain the overall management of your web site and your Internet presence but need help with some aspect, we might be able to help. Click here to see how we might be able to employ the right talents towards your project.
Our Mission

We help successful businesses become even more successful by maintaining and enhancing their existing web sites; hosting their web sites; handling their Search Engine Advertising budget as well as long term organic search engine optimization of their web sites.

We make high end web site services affordable to our clients by employing a highly responsive and experienced technical team offshore.


    Search engine Optimization

Organic Search Engine Optimization

When some one is “SEARCHing” on the Internet using a search term that is relevant to your business and to your web site, you would want your web site listing to show up on search results. The reality is that only 10 sites (out of hundreds of thousands) will show up on first page of search results.

Search Engine rules and strategies are changing constantly. We maintain up-to-date expertise to know what it takes to achieve top rankings. Our process puts a heavy emphasis on setting realistic goals. We will start off with helping you set up realistic objectives and then follow our realistic plan to achieve those ranking objectives.

Setting ranking targets:

The process starts with analysis of keywords (search terms). This analysis includes understanding your business terminology (keywords) and researching popularity (how may people are SEARCHing on this term every day) and competitiveness (how many other sites are using this term in their pages) of these terms based on professional tools available to us. We then determine the “value” of these competitive key words. i.e. If we could get top ranking on a certain key phrase, how much $ will that be worth? If you are already using “pay-per-click” Search Engine Marketing, or some kind of “analytics” program (traffic measurement of the site), we already have some data available. Based on this analysis, we will determine which key terms to focus on, how long will it take to achieve the rankings and what will it cost. We only pick those targets, which are achievable within your time and cost budgets.

Achieving ranking targets:

We use “on-page optimization” and “off page optimization” techniques to achieve the desired rankings. We use

“On Page Optimization” includes making changes to the content, meta tags, page layouts, navigation links, adding new pages and creating site map for search engines. These changes are all done in conjunction with your business needs and with your approval. We do not use any “SEO tricks” to fool search engines. Often this optimization is an integral part of your web site enhancements that are needed for better appeal to your potential customers, using content that is relevant to the subject matter. We construct (or reconstruct) your web site this in a manner so that the search engines will see this content as highly relevant to our “target search terms”.

“Off page optimization” includes all other activities that do not involve making changes to the web site. These activities include submitting site to search engines using XML site maps, listing site in various directories, launching an aggressive, systematic long term campaign to get the site mentioned in other sites’ relevant pages using our target key words. The objective here is to improve the “popularity” of your site, as viewed by major Search Engines. Our goal here is to make site to become an “authority site” (as seen by major Search Engines) on the specific target key words that we have picked.

We continue this process until the desired keyword ranking are achieved. We use professional ranking measurement and SEO tools to guide us through this process.


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