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We follow a proven methodology to ensure that your business needs are translated into a cost effective investment on the Internet. We combine your business and industry knowledge and experience with our expertise in information technology.
Whether we built your site or someone else did, we will take care of your site and make the needed changes in a timely manner. We won't force you into any maintenance contracts or any minimum monthly payments. You only pay if and when you need the changes.
If it is important for you to attract new prospects, we can bring enhanced visibility to your web site on the Internet. We have special expertise for optimizing the web site based on carefully selected key words, so that all prominent Search Engines will list your site favorably. We keep up-to-date with the tricks-of-the-trade, so that you don't have to.
If you want to retain the overall management of your web site and your Internet presence but need help with some aspect, we might be able to help. Click here to see how we might be able to employ the right talents towards your project.
Our Mission

We help successful businesses become even more successful by maintaining and enhancing their existing web sites; hosting their web sites; handling their Search Engine Advertising budget as well as long term organic search engine optimization of their web sites.

We make high end web site services affordable to our clients by employing a highly responsive and experienced technical team offshore.


    Pay per click advertising
Search Engine (“pay-per-click”) Advertising

If you are new to Search Engine (“pay-per-click”) Advertising, please read below.
If you are already a seasoned search engine advertiser and are familiar with terms like “Impressions”, “Clicks”, “Conversions” “CTR” and “Cost per conversion”, please
click here
to see if you should engage a professional company like ours for managing your paid search advertising budget.

Today, Search Engine Marketing is recognized to be one of the most cost effective methods for connecting your potential customers with you. In a traditional advertising campaign, you put a advertisement in front of masses. Here, the process is reversed.  The ready  buyers are already “SEARCHing” for a new company they want to do business with. They are typing in their Search Terms in Search Engines. If they are looking for what you are offering, your listing will show up. The beauty of this program is that you only pay a pre-determined amount only if someone finds your site and clicks on it. This is also known as “Pay-per-click” advertising. It is offered by Google, Yahoo, MSN and other engines. 

We have specialized expertise, tools and techniques that enable us to continuously monitor performance and optimize the bid amounts to deliver qualified visitors to your site at a cost that makes business sense.
We start with key phrases that your potential customers might be using to search on the Internet. You will start off the process by suggesting such Search terms that are relevant to your business. For each of these keywords, we will do a statistical analysis using our tools, and come up with an optimum bid amount for each. We then create and customize all search listings for each of the key phrases, monitor results, adjust listings and bids on a continuous basis for optimal performance and review with you periodically.
You will evaluate our performance based on your success:

How many new customers/transactions were generated because of this Search Advertising?
How much did it cost to generate these new customers/transactions?

If you have used this program before, you will appreciate the benefits that a professional company like ours can offer by proper set up of listings and by monitoring bid amounts. You know how easy it is spend large sums of money on Google Adwords, Yahoo Overture and MSN Ad-Center without getting corresponding increase in new customers/transactions.

Our experts will optimize your campaign performance by focusing on the “cost per conversion”.  This involves :
  • Eliminating keywords (or reduce bid amounts) that bring visitors but not enough conversions
  • Adding search terms that may be less popular but highly relevant, judicious use of options  like Broad Search, Phrase Search, Exact search
  • Aufixed fixed positioning
  • Content ads
  • Partner network ads
  • Geographic Targetting
  • Time of the day and Day of the week options 
  • Appropriate landing pages

and many other variables. We practice this as a “science”. Results are measured constantly and adjustments made based on scientific measurements. While we look at many variables in fine tuning the campaign, ultimate goal is to increase the number of “conversions” and reduce the “cost per conversion” (Definition of “conversion” is based on your business. It can be a sale transaction, or acquisition of a customer or acquisition of a lead or whatever measure is most appropriate.)

Lastly, we consider the entire Search Engine Advertising as part of an overall Search Marketing Strategy. In the long term, we will minimize these costs by redirecting our efforts to Organic Search Engine optimization for certain selected Keywords (generally, these are the keywords on which the most money is being spent).

We will “measure up” way above our competition! The fees that you will pay us will be a small fraction of the benefits you will reap from our specialized expertise.


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